Why We Need O4H Alliance

History has taught us that economic recession, unemployment, poverty, and civic disengagement are interconnected with xenophobia, war, extremism and violence across groups and cultures.

Since early 2000, a number of prominent humanitarian and civil society agencies have aimed to promote the application of Olympism to achieve educational goals, social cohesion, resilience, peacebuilding and development. They have done so by creating appropriate policies, programs and organizational structures. These organizations include:

However, despite the increased global interest in promoting the concepts of Olympism in Action and Sport for Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development, there are insufficient opportunities to develop skills and competencies that are needed for evidence-based and effective field-based programming. Unfortunately, too, most of the initiatives developed by NGOs and humanitarian agencies lack sustainable and effective scientific soundness. To address these issues and the gap between Olympism theory and practice, in September 2012 Dr. Alexis Lyras, the International Olympic Academy’s special advisor of Olympism, Peacebuilding and International Development, proposed to utilize his data-driven Applied Olympism Literacy and Praxis academic model through the implementation of a global strategy. Called the Olympism For Humanity Alliance (O4HA), our purpose is to create, promote and support opportunities that will embrace the social and humanitarian aspects of the Olympic Agenda 2020+5, aligned with the International Olympic Academy’s vision to:

“to promote Olympism as a way of life and integrate the Olympic Values into modern societies worldwide.”

The first actions of the O4HA were the establishment of:

  1. A global consortium of youth and world-class experts and academic agencies
  2. An annual O4HA Praxis Summer Program
  3. An annual O4HA Summit
  4. An initiative called Heritage Odyssey for Preservation and Enlightenment (HOPE) for promoting innovation, resilience, civic engagement, community health, and social entrepreneurship
  5. Youth-led humanitarian ventures and O4HA Festivals across the globe
  6. Support to professors for initiating O4HA related scholarship, teaching and service
  7. USA-based 501 c3 nonprofit organization

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