30 Years Olympism in Action Theory and Praxis

O4H in Action Academy’s Activities

In keeping with the principles of the Olympic ideal, Humanity in Action and the 2030 UN SDGs, our activities are centered on the following three pillars:

 1. Olympism in Action Professional Training and Certificate 

We organize an annual Summit and a 10-day professional training program where participants:

  • Become familiar with the foundations of Applied Olympism in Society, Peacebuilding and Sustainable Development
  • Initiate and design a personal project tailored to each individual’s needs, educational background and community.

This program is also available for on-site implementation in local communities, in close collaboration with local youth, humanitarian and educational agencies.

Our curriculum is based on established applied theoretical foundations and evidence from the field.

Our program methodology has a project-based structure, and champions of change are supported throughout the year to ensure successful program implementation of community-based humanitarian ventures.

2. Scientific Support in Olympism in Action Program Design & Delivery

We provide support in a number of ways, including mentoring and consulting on all programs and initiatives.

The purpose of such support is to help strengthen those groups and individuals to design and implement Applied Olympism community projects in the following seven areas of interest:

  1. Olympic and Paralympic Values-based school and after-school programming
  2. National and regional policy and program delivery
  3. Mentoring faculty, Ph.D., MA and BA students
  4. Support for graduate and undergraduate courses, research and service
  5. Scientific impact assessment of short- and long-term impact of existing humanitarian and social entrepreneurship ventures
  6. Global database and monitoring and evaluation of existing programs and initiatives
  7. Athletes’ and Olympians’ engagement in charity, dual careers and service to underserved youth and individuals.

3.  Youth Led- Champions of Change Programs and Initiatives

Youth engagement is at the heart of what we do. We recruit, inspire and support champions of change across the globe.

We work closely with them to create local events that promote our ideals of awareness, community building, social entrepreneurship and civic engagement.

These activities range from cause-oriented sport events, after-school program initiation, volunteering, and advocacy, to field research and O4HA Youth festivals.


Applications for the 2023 World HOPE Summit & Praxis which will take place at the birthplace of the Olympic idea, in Summer 2023 will open in February 2023. Stay Tuned!

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