O4H Praxis and Steps of HOPE

The first step of the Humanitarian Odyssey for Preservation of Enlightenment (HOPE) venture was the implementation of the HOPE Summer Program, which took place in Greece from June 20th – July 7th, 2015.

HOPE Summer Program has multiple goals and emphasizes the use of Olympism as a vehicle for promoting social change, civic engagement, innovation and social justice. HOPE Summer Program will recruit, inspire, train and empower youth from Greece and the diaspora to become agents of positive social change, who will actively engage in social entrepreneurship program initiation and delivery.

HOPE Summer Program’s curriculum is grounded on more than 25 years of experience in youth programming, scholarship, academic endeavors, and scientific evidence from the field on topics related to international development, conflict transformation, cultural and educational tourism and diplomacy, organizational and social change, public and community health, resilience, youth development, applied Olympic education and civic engagement foundations tailored to individual social entrepreneurship projects.

During the HOPE Summer Program, participants will have the opportunity to develop their personal social entrepreneurship projects, which will be implemented in their respective communities during the following academic year, with site visits, webinars, Skype conferences and ongoing support from Olympism For Humanity Alliance mentors.

Theme: Hellenic & Humanitarian heritage, inspirations and applications in the modern world

What are the topics covered?

  • Social entrepreneurship and civic engagement,
  • Public and Community Health,
  • International relations, cultural and educational diplomacy
  • E-platforms, innovation, IT, cyber security,
  • Performing arts, resilience and community building,
  • Human rights, immigration and cross-cultural dialogue and global citizenship
  • Socrates, Aristotle and Ancient Hellenic philosophy and legacy,
  • Olympic Truce and Olympism for humanity foundations,
  • Odyssey, resilience and lessons applied to the modern world,
  • Cultural events and visits in Archeological sites,
  • Alexander the Great legacy,
  • Research and/or community project design, delivery and fundraising

HOPE Summer Program Application Process

Who Can Apply?

HOPE Summer Program is open to Lyceum Students (9th- 12th grade) and graduate and undergraduate college students from Greece and Diaspora.

Highly motivated high school and undergraduate students with drive and commitment to serving as agents of change, innovation and inspiration in the global community.

The program registration fees cover the following:

  • accommodation and meals in Marathon, Olympia, Athens and Thessaloniki
  • extensive training from prominent O4H Alliance experts and mentors
  • Access to the IOA library, Athens 2004 archives and the Olympic Museum in Thessaloniki
  • Fees for visit to the Olympic Museum in Ancient Olympia, Olympic Museum in Thessaloniki, Acropolis Museums and museums in Delphi and Macedonia
  • Fees for the visit to Ancient Olympia’s and other archaeological sites in Delphi, Marathon, Epidaurus, Athens and Macedonia
  • Transportation from Athens, Marathon, Olympia, Delphi, Epidaurus, Thessaloniki,
  • Participation in the O4H Summit, and
  • Ongoing support and mentoring from O4H Alliance during individual program design and delivery throughout the academic year.

Application Process: Personal information and Personal Statement essay submitted online.

Personal Statement: In 250-300 words please tell us what you hope to gain through this program and why you consider yourself a good candidate for this program.

Skype Interview: Shortlisted applicants will be invited for an interview via Skype

For further information contact the O4H administrator at info@O4H-Alliance.org

Limited space to 30 HOPE Summer Program participants

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