What is unique about O4H Alliance?

We live in a time when nations are challenged by failing economies, troubling security concerns, diminishing natural resources, formidable social problems, natural disasters and strained intergroup relations. Because of this we are compelled to find new sources of inspiration to lift our spirits, call us to greatness, and move us to develop innovative solutions to help shape a better world for coming generations. Over the last two decades, a number of educational and humanitarian agencies across the globe initiated Olympic Values-based educational programs to address this challenge.

Because universities are a vital contributor to and creator of knowledge and innovation, we’ve established a global consortium of experts from world-leading universities, humanitarian and educational agencies in order to deliver on the following activities:

  • A mechanism for ongoing academic, educational opportunities and professional training (Olympism for Humanity Certificate)
  • Creating conditions for sustainable community-based social entrepreneurship
  • More opportunities to underserved youth and communities
  • Enhancing purpose-driven international inter-institutional collaborations that will embrace this vision
  • Advancing applied Olympic Education and ongoing scientific evidence on positive impact and Olympism for Humanity elements of effective programming.

O4H Alliance is unique for seven reasons:

  1. First applied Olympism global academic venture in theory and practice to bridge disciplines.
  2. First inter-disciplinary academic advancement platform that aims to promote integrated applied Olympic values teaching, research and community service.
  3. Individuals and organizations design and deliver a strategic action plan, which we support throughout the year with mentorship and guidance provided by our experts and agencies.
  4. Our members engage in cause-oriented, youth-led, project-based endeavors that foster Olympism in Society and Sport for Peace and Sustainable Development ventures
  5. We established the first Sport for Development and Peace and Applied Olympism Summit and Vocational Training Summer Program. These focus on the application of the Olympic values as a process for human development, resilience and social welfare.
  6. Our curriculum and principles are based on sound applied Olympism and scientific research, theory and evidence from the field.
  7. We build cause-oriented bridges with change agents and agencies, regardless of age, gender, educational, ethic or socio-economic background.

Click here to find more information about the Olympism for Humanity Theory and Evidence from the field

More information about our institutional capacity and expertise can be found on our website.


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