An Odyssey of Preservation & Enlightenment

O4H HOPE stands for Heritage Odyssey for Preservation & Enlightenment. HOPE aims to restore and advocate Olympic Wealth and Humanity’s World Heritage that was lost in time- and translation: Humanism, Citizenship, Democracy, Global Solidarity and Social Innovation Craftsmanship. The aim, is to optimize and actualize the value of Olympism in our global society as a platform for preparing 21st Century’s champions of change who are committed to lifelong impact investment ventures that embrace Humanity’s regeneration through cross-cultural dialogue, sustainable development and democracy actualization ventures across continents.

Virtues and Heritage Lost in Time & Translation 

Kronos Olympia

Background information

At a time when nations are challenged by failing economies, troubling security concerns, diminishing natural resources, formidable social problems, and strained intergroup relations, we are compelled to find new sources of inspiration to lift our spirits, call us to greatness, and move us to develop innovative solutions that will shape a better world for coming generations.

Given the current economic recession, the global pandemic and conflict, Olympism For Humanity Alliance have established a program called Heritage Odyssey for Preservation and Enlightenment (HOPE). Our vision is to create a global consortium that will serve as a social capital platform for promoting innovation, inspiration, youth engagement, cross-cultural dialogue, and social entrepreneurship. HOPE targets the resolution of local social challenges such as unemployment, antisocial behavior, bullying and aggression, academic/school drop out, xenophobia and inter-group intolerance, social isolation and disengagement.

HOPE aims to recruit, inspire and support committed entrepreneurs with ongoing mentoring; cultural and educational exchange programs; heritage preservation initiatives; capacity building, civic engagement, and social entrepreneurship ventures. HOPE will provide unique opportunities to preserve and utilize the core virtues and Olympian heritage in the modern world and to support, inspire and equip youth to become socially engaged individuals that embrace innovation, resilience and social transformation in their respective communities. The ultimate goal of this project is to create the conditions and supporting mechanisms for resilience, social innovation and entrepreneurship, inspired by (a) Delphic, Athenian and Olympic Heritage virtues and ideals, (b) Socrates, Aristotle and Ancient Hellenic legacy, (c) world heritage and history of athletic, educational and cultural diplomacy, d) global citizenship, civic engagement and democratic governance heritage, (e) current Human Development, Social Psychology and International Development Applied Theory.

HOPE Inspirations, Foundations & Virtues

2020ne World HOPE Relay (Universality of Olympian Heritage and Humanity Across Continents, Restoration, Resilience and Recovery from Man-made and Natural Disasters).

Olympia-dō道 HOPE (Restoration of Contextual knowledge, Olympian Civilization with Bridges between Hellenism, Japanese and Asian Heritage and Civilization; Olympian Pathway and the Martial Artist Mindset with Long-term Commitment to Embrace Human Virtues; Champions of Change and Peaceful Warriors of Human Progress, Justice and Prosperity)

Washington DC HOPE (Georgetown Academic Excellence and Service, Democracy and Humanity in Action, Migration, Omnicultururism, Personal and Democratic Actualization, Peacebuilding through Social Innovation)

Tokyo, Fukushima, Hiroshima HOPE (Resilience, Omotenashi, Corona Games Regeneration, Natural and Man-made Disaster Recovery, Green and Sustainable Energy, Climate Change and the Environment, Innovation and Technology)

Lafcadio Hearn and Jigoro Kano sensei HOPE (Bridges between Hellenic-Japanese Heritage, East and West, Modernization, Literature, Martial Arts, Restoration and Resilience)

Olympia HOPE (Olympian Heritage, Olympian idea, Arêtes/ Virtues, Philoxenia, Peacebuilding and Cross-Cultural Diplomacy)

Nemean HOPE (Revival of the Nemean Games, Crown Games, Stephen Miller, Panhellenic Games and Nemean Heritage)

Delphi HOPE (Youth, Healing, Imagination, Creativity, Innovation, Arts, Technology, Cyberspace, Peacebuilding and Enlightenment)

Epidaurus HOPE (Medicine, Theater, Performing Arts, Literature, Poetry and Creative Writing)

Aristotle HOPE (Perfect Friendship, Eudemonia, Arête- Ethics and Virtue, Epistemology, Science and interdisciplinarity)

Alexander the Great HOPE (Humankind Defender, Friendship & Collaboration, Alexandria, Knowledge Economy, MENA, India and Bridges to the East)

Macedonia HOPE (Global citizenship, Hellenism and Cross-Cultural Heritage )

Socrates HOPE (Political Philosophy, Youth, Education, Wisdom, Socratic Pedagogy and Wisdom)

Athens HOPE (Athenian Wisdom, Strategy, Philosophy, Democracy, Zappas, Fwkianos, Chrysafis, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, Dialogue and Democracy)

Panellinios HOPE (Fwkianos, Modern Olympic Games, Revival of Olympic Games, History, Regeneration, Birthplace of Olympism)

O4H Sailing and Steps with winds of HOPE and Praxis

Click here and find out about first steps and sailing with winds of HOPE at Harvard and MIT 

Click here for more information about our first steps of HOPE, that took place in Greece, Summer 2015!

Stay tuned for updates and engagement opportunities

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