Olympic Heritage & Civilization in service of Humanity

Investment in Human Potential & Prosperity

Who we are: 

Olympism for Humanity (O4H) is an Olympic Studies Champions of Change research center and academy with expertise in applying Olympism for Sustainable Development and Social Innovation ventures in fragile regions and communities in need across continents. Our field research, and data-driven community-based learning model, aim to embrace and optimize the production of cutting edge applied knowledge on the essence of the Olympic Heritage and ideals, which is “to unleash and actualize human creativity and full potential“.

Housed and supported by the Center for Intercultural Education and Development (CEID), we comprise notable experts from Georgetown University, International Olympic Academy, CARDET, Yale Center of Analytical Sciences, University of Thrace, Santa Clara University, University of Montpellier, Harvard University and other prominent institutions across the globe.

What is Olympism?

“Olympism is a philosophy of life exalting and combining in a balanced whole the qualities of body, will and mind. Blending sport with culture and education, Olympism seeks to create a way of life based on the joy found in effort, the educational value of good example, and respect for universal fundamental ethical principles. The goal of Olympism is to place sport at the service of the harmonious development of humankind, with a view to promoting a peaceful society concerned with the preservation of human dignity. The goal of Olympism is to build a peaceful and better world – to inspire and motivate the youth of the world.

Olympic Charter, International Olympic Committee

What we do:

Our expertise is centered on actualizing data driven Global Sport for Development and Olympism in Society ventures in fragile regions and communities in need across continents. Olympism For Humanity Alliance conducts original applied research and provides capacity building, mentoring, organization and other services to academic agencies, individuals and organizations in order to support purpose-driven peacebuilding and sustainable development venture across domains. Using the principles  of Olympism in Society (in Action) and guided by the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals  we deliver on five core activities to help promote resilience, social innovation, sustainable development, community health and human welfare:

  • Olympism in Society Action research, academic  curricula, academic engagement, e-learning, and professional development training
  • Olympism in Action and Global Sport for Development impacts assessment and advocacy
  • Community-based learning and Youth-led social entrepreneurship
  • Data driven programming, instructional design, assessment and delivery
  • Needs-based capacity building and grant proposal writing

We conduct action research and produce applied knowledge to enhance and further the values of Olympism for everyone involved through Olympism for Humanity Actions. We also host conferences, summits, professional training, capacity building programs and youth in action festivals. All of these important activities depend on outside funding, donations and sponsorship.

Our focus and what guides our mission:

O4H embraces the relationship between the ancient Olympic idea and the modern world by optimizing cultivating international collaborations, to educate youth and people of all ages through life-long learning, social entrepreneurship, peacebuilding and Sustainable Development programs across continents. Our program has three main goals:

  1. Conduct research and produce novel and applied knowledge on integrated data-driven Olympism in Society, social entrepreneurship and sustainable development ventures across continents
  2. Build inter-agency alliances to embrace inter-institutional engagement, social innovation, peace and sustainable development goals and outcomes across fragile regions and communities in need, and
  3. We provide training and build the capacity of a variety of groups and individuals, from non-governmental organizations, humanitarian agencies, policy-makers, NGOs and academics, to researchers, teachers, and universities, among others

This picture captures the “krypte”, the entrance through which athletes use to enter the Ancient Olympia Stadium. Build your legacy and light your Olympism for Humanity “torch”  and venture at the birthplace of the Olympic spirit.

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