Applied Olympic Education Professional Training

Every summer, O4H Alliance implement an annual Summit and a ten day professional training program in Ancient Olympia, Greece, were participants get familiar with the foundations of Olympism in Action, initiate and design a personal project tailored to each individual’s needs, educational background and community challenges. This program is also available for implementation on site, in close collaboration with local youth, humanitarian and educational agencies. Our curriculum is based on solid and established theoretical foundations and evidence from the field. Our program methodology has a project-based structure and change agents are supported throughout the year to ensure successful on site program implementation of community-based, nation and regional-wide humanitarian ventures.

Humanitarian and Applied Olympic Education Program Design, Delivery and Evaluation

Olympism4Humanity Alliance provides ongoing scientific mentoring, research, mentoring and consulting support on a variety of programs and initiatives, aiming in this way, to increase personal and institutional capacity for humanitarian action. Through our program we support the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation and impact assessment for:

  • Applied Olympism non-formal education and school programming
  • Applied Olympism after-school curricula
  • Olympism4Humanity festivals and special events
  • Applied Olympism Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) ventures
  • Coaches, athletes and Olympians’ charity and cause oriented ventures
  • Academic ventures through integrated graduate and undergraduate courses, research & service
  • Scientific Impact Assessment of short term and long-term impact of existing sport for peace and development ventures
  • Monitoring and Evaluation of existing sport for peace and development programs and initiatives
  • Mentoring Faculty, PhD, MA and BA students
  • National and regional policy and program design and delivery
  • Applied Olympism youth summer programs

Kronos Olympia

Youth-Led Programs and Initiatives

Youth engagement is at the center of our venture. Olympism4Humanity Alliance recruit, inspire and support youth across the globe- and work closely with them in initiating and implementing local actions that promote value oriented community building, social entrepreneurship, purpose-driven civic engagement, O4H ideals awareness and service. These activities range from cause oriented sport events, after-school program initiation, volunteering, advocacy, field research and Olympism4Humanity Youth IDEALS festivals.

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